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B.A. in Organizational Management

The Organizational Management major is designed to assist individuals who are in a broad variety of professional arenas by ensuring that program graduates can:

What you learn at night you can use the next day.

  • Core Level Business Knowledge — Graduates demonstrate knowledge from a variety of business disciplines and apply the knowledge and skills to reach solutions to business needs. Graduates understand and demonstrate general theories, principles, processes and skills in: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, and Marketing.
  • Business Management Major Knowledge and Skills — Graduates demonstrate knowledge and skills required for effective business careers.
  • Innovation & Critical Thinking — Graduates identify problems, analyze information, form conclusions and propose innovative solutions within the business context.
  • Leadership & Communication — Graduates communicate correctly and purposefully in written and oral presentation formats.
  • Integrity & Ethics — Graduates understand and approach ethical issues in business from an informed Christian perspective.
  • Professionalism — Graduates develop a career strategy and obtain practical experience in their major field.

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