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Chapel is heavily student led and exists to express meaningful corporate worship, nurture personal growth, foster community spirit, and respond to the Great Commission, for the glory of God. Chapel is a vital part of the ministry at Northwest University. Three times a week, undergraduate students, faculty, and staff, come together in corporate worship to integrate faith, learning, and living. These times together challenge, motivate, and encourage the Northwest University community through dynamic worship, inspirational messages, and fellowship within the body.

Chapel attendance is a requirement for undergraduate students and faculty as it is part of the Assemblies of God Division of Higher Education endorsement.

Chapel Services | Wednesdays and Fridays | Butterfield Chapel

Alpha Chapel: 10:00am–11:00am
Omega Chapel: 11:20am–12:20pm

Pursuit Services | Monday Nights | Butterfield Chapel

Student Led Worship/Prayer Service: 8:30pm–10:00pm

Life Groups

Meet at various times during the week; see the Life Group Directory

Date Day Speaker
9/4/15 Fri. Chapel: Introductions
9/9/15 Wed. Chapel: Dr. Castleberry
9/10/15 Thu. Apologetics Lecture with Frank Turek
9/11/15 Fri. Chapel: Frank Turek
9/14/15 Mon. Pursuit
9/16/15 Wed. Chapel: Alycia Wood
9/18/15 Fri. Chapel: David Thomas
9/18/15 Fri. Phil Wickham Concert
9/23/15 Wed. Chapel: Holly Ordway
9/25/15 Fri. Chapel: Jeff Kemp
9/28/15 Mon. CMN START Conference: Don Ross
9/29/15 Tue. CMN START Conference: Adelita Garza
9/30/15 Wed. CMN START Conference: Brandon Beals
10/2/15 Fri. Chapel: Carie Jorgenson
10/7/15 Wed. Chapel: Dr. Dennis McCain
10/9/15 Fri. Chapel: John Quick
10/12/15 Mon. Pursuit
10/14/15 Wed. Chapel: Ben Malcolmson
10/14/15 Wed. Community Chapel: Ben Malcomson
10/16/15 Fri. Chapel: Pastor Phil Rasmussen
10/19/15 Mon. Pursuit
10/21/15 Wed. Chapel: Dr. Jim Heugel
10/26/15 Mon. Pursuit
10/28/15 Wed. Chapel: Pastor Scott Hagan
10/30/15 Fri. Chapel: Dr. Wayde Goodall
11/4/15 Wed. Chapel: Christian Dawson
11/6/15 Fri. Chapel: Dr. Castleberry
11/8/15 Sun. Chic Chat
11/9/15 Mon. Pursuit
11/11/15 Wed. Chapel: BG Thomas Sohljem
11/13/15 Fri. Chapel: Pastor Phil Rasmussen
11/16/15 Mon. Pursuit
11/18/15 Wed. Chapel: Josh Ziefle
11/20/15 Fri. Chapel: Waldemar Kowalski
11/23/15 Mon. Pursuit
11/30/15 Mon. Pursuit
12/2/15 Wed. Chapel: Students
12/4/15 Fri. Chapel: Students
12/6/15 Sun. Christmas Chic Chat
12/7/15 Mon. Pursuit: Christmas
12/9/15 Wed. Chapel: Reflections
12/11/15 Fri. Grad Chapel
12/11/15 Fri. Choralons
1/13/16 Wed. Chapel: Dr. Wayde Goodall
1/15/16 Fri. Chapel
1/20/16 Wed. Chapel: Lenae Nofziger
1/22/16 Fri. Chapel: Christian Dawson
1/25/16 Mon. PURSUIT Conference
1/29/16 Fri. Chapel: Student Reflections
2/1/16 Mon. Pursuit
2/3/16 Wed. Chapel: Pastor Scott Dudley
2/5/16 Fri. Chapel: Dr. Blaine Charette
2/8/16 Mon. Campus Ministries Open House
2/8/16 Mon. Pursuit
2/10/16 Wed. Chapel: Jodi Detrick
2/12/16 Fri. Chapel: President Castleberry
2/15/16 Mon. Pursuit: 2006 Night
2/17/16 Wed. Chapel: Dr. Jim Marocco
2/19/16 Fri. Chapel: Dr. David Thomas
2/22/16 Mon. Pursuit
2/24/16 Wed. Chapel: Larry Barnett
2/26/16 Fri. Chapel: President Castleberry
3/2/16 Wed. Chapel: Dr. Autumn Witt
3/14/16 Mon. Pursuit
3/16/16 Wed. Chapel: Dr. Josh Ziefle
3/18/16 Fri. Chapel: Taproot Theatre
3/19/16 Sat. CAPS Chapel Service
3/21/16 Mon. Pursuit: Easter and Communion
3/23/16 Wed. Chapel: NUSG Elections
3/28/16 Mon. Pursuit: Baptisms
3/30/16 Wed. Chapel: Carrie Abbott
3/30/16 Wed. Q&A with Carrie Abbott
4/1/16 Fri. Chapel: Clint Bryan
4/4/16 Mon. Pursuit
4/6/16 Wed. Chapel: Dr. Sarah Drivdahl
4/8/16 Fri. Chapel: Senior Speakers
4/11/16 Mon. Pursuit
4/13/16 Wed. Chapel: Senior Speakers
4/15/16 Fri. Chapel: Dr. Rowlanda Cawthon
4/18/16 Mon. Pursuit: Acoustic and Communion
4/20/16 Wed. Chapel: Awards and Honors
4/22/16 Fri. Chapel: Missions Commissioning
4/25/16 Mon. Pursuit: Seniors
4/27/16 Wed. Chapel: Senior Speakers

For more information regarding our Chapel services, please contact us via phone, email, or fax:

Megan Reese

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Phone: 425-889-5308
Fax: 425-889-5313