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Financial Aid: A Master Plan

No matter how you place it, pursuing a postgraduate degree is a great investment—an investment in your life, your career, and sometimes, your family. We at Northwest University understand what it takes to count the cost of this investment, and we want to help. Financial Aid is available to assist in affording this great investment.

Types of Aid

Graduate financial aid offerings differ from financial aid offered to undergraduate students. The Federal Aid offered to graduate students includes: Stafford Loans, Graduate Plus Loans, and Work Study.

Federal Loans

Stafford Loans are administered by the Department of Education, and Northwest University participates in the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program which allows students to borrow Stafford Loan Funds from a bank, credit union, or financial institution of their choice (only financial institutions that participate in the FFEL Program can be selected).

Up to 4% of the total amount of the Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan may be deducted by the bank or guarantee agency, although some banks waive the 4% fee. In addition, if a student graduates or ceases to attend half time, they are required to complete an exit loan counseling session for their Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan.

Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan

Eligibility: Not need-based.
Amount: Unsubsidized Stafford Loans may not exceed $20,500 in an academic year.
Renewal: Must re-apply for financial aid and maintain satisfactory academic progress.
Interest Rate: The interest rate is a fixed rate at disbursement. For 2013–14, the rate is 5.41%.
Repayment: Begins six months after the student graduates or ceases to be enrolled at least half-time. Borrowers are responsible for interest while they are enrolled and during the repayment period. However, interest payments can be deferred while a student is enrolled and during their grace period.

Federal Graduate Plus Loan

Eligibility: Not need-based. Student must have acceptable credit rating. Co-signer is allowed.
Amount: The maximum amount is the student's estimated budget minus financial aid.
Renewal: Application required annually.
Interest Rate: Interest rate is fixed at 6.41% for 2013–14. This is based on 10-Year Treasury Note rate plus 4.60% (cap at 10.50%).
Repayment: Begins 60 days after the last disbursement. However, in-school deferment will be automatically granted based on school certification. In addition, repayment of Graduate Plus loans may be aligned with the grace period on any Stafford loan. Fees are charged according to Federal laws (maximum is 4%).

Work Study

Work Study is also available to graduate students. If you currently do not have a job and would like to learn more about Work Study, contact the Financial Aid Services Office at 425.889.4090.

The purpose of the Northwest University Work Study program is to provide financial assistance to needy students by facilitating part-time employment. To participate, you must be awarded Work Study as part of your financial aid package.

Work Study is more than just a job – it’s also job experience. You may find employment either on-campus or off-campus, depending upon your major. All monies you earn from working are paid directly to you by your employer in the form of a paycheck.

The Work Study award amount on your Award Letter notifies you of the gross amount that you may earn that is considered “Work Study”. For example, if your Award Letter says you have $3,500 worth of Work Study eligibility but you earn $4,000 from your job, $3,500 is considered “Work Study” and $500 is not.

The difference between Work Study and regular employment is that the wages you earn on the Work Study program are not considered in the federal methodology when need is being determined for the following year. Work Study earnings are taxable and are included on a student’s tax return. They are also reported as work earnings on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). However, Work Study earnings are also counted as a Title IV Exclusion in another section of the FAFSA, effectively decreasing the amount of income available to go towards the Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

If you have any questions about Federal Work Study or Washington State Work Study, please contact the Work Study Coordinator in the Financial Aid Services Office at 425.889.4090.

Federal Work Study

This Federally-funded program provides on-campus jobs to students with demonstrated financial need according to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. To apply for an on-campus job, you must submit an Application for Employment to the Human Resources Office. You may obtain an application by contacting the Human Resources Office at 425.889.4203. An interview with the area supervisor is also required for placement. Students work an average of 12-15 hours per week, depending upon the position. Positions filled by Federal Work Study students include, but are not limited to, departmental offices, library, technical services, custodial, food services, or grounds maintenance.

Washington State Work Study

This program, funded by the State of Washington, provides off-campus employment opportunities to students with financial need according to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Once you have acquired a job, contact the Work Study Coordinator so that you may be provided with timesheets and other documents if necessary.

Students are not eligible to work on the Washington State Work Study Program if they are pursuing a ministerial academic program (contact the Financial Aid Services Office for details). Washington State Work Study placements should be related to academic or career goals. However, if no job fits into your goals, you may find employment with any of the employers.

Applying for Aid

To apply for Federal Financial Aid at Northwest University, visit the "Apply for Admission" page and complete the listed steps.

Contact Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Services Office for Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) is located in the Barton Building, Main floor, office 261.

Office hours are from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Local: 425.889.7791
Toll-Free: 1.877.453.5327

Mailing Address:

Northwest University
GPS Financial Aid Services
P.O. Box 579
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