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Servants, Disciples, Scholars

"We, the people of Northwest University, carry the call of God by continually building a learning community dedicated to spiritual vitality, academic excellence, and empowered engagement with human need." – Northwest University Mission Statement

Since 1934, Northwest University has equipped young men and women to "Carry the Call" of the Gospel. Northwest students are serving as pastors, nurses, missionaries, lawyers and even politicians, where they act as Matthew 5:14's "city on a hill". We are deeply blessed to have been used by the Lord for so many years, to be a formative place where the Holy Spirit moves so powerfully in the lives of young people.

We have a remarkable vision for the next 10 years at Northwest University and I want you to be a part of it!

God has placed a clear call on our hearts to powerfully engage with human need and spiritual poverty on a scale we have never before imagined. To grow in our ministry of transforming students who go on to transform their communities. To embrace the broken and forgotten as we take the Good News of Christ to the overlooked places of our nation and the world.

To this end, we are focusing on three major strategic initiatives:

Spiritual Vitality

The spiritual formation of our students is the most important element of their time at Northwest. We desire to produce students who are mature in their faith, certain in their beliefs, and committed to serving the Lord in everything they do. We want to send them out as radical agents of change, taking the transforming power of Jesus Christ into their communities.

Affordable, Accessible, Excellent Education

We have a special heart for those who deeply desire to learn and grow, but lack the resources or opportunity to pursue higher education. An education at Northwest is designed to be affordable, and we want to make it more-so every year. Through satellite campuses and online learning, we're starting to reach into communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. And we've got some of the best educators in the business teaching at Northwest, united by a vision to produce spiritually empowered, socially responsible Christians who engage with human need across a wide range of careers.

Connected to Communities

We want our students to change their communities: their homes, the places that are most meaningful to them, and where they have the deepest relationships. When we train a pastor, we want them to go home and lead a church and equip other Christians to be Jesus to those around them. The Pacific Northwest needs strong pastors who are central figures in their communities, committed to leading their churches and staying the course no matter what.

We want to train our students to be aware of the needs of others, ready to engage and respond to issues of poverty. We recognize that poverty can be both physical and spiritual. During their time at Northwest, we encourage our students to be active in community service – connecting them to volunteering, or even helping them create and lead their own local outreach. We believe that engagement with human need is a lifestyle, and want to model this kind of living to our students.

You can help! Your gift to the Opportunity Fund will help us grow each of these three important initiatives. Please consider giving today, and make an investment in our students.

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