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M.A. in International Community Development (ICD)

Don't Just See The World. Change The World.

Brian Humphries worked full-time during the ICD program. After graduating, the Peace Corps selected him to direct a national youth entrepreneurship initiative in the Dominican Republic. Today, he is working for the Department of Labor bringing various organizations together to stimulate economic development. "The ICD program taught me how to be a trust builder between people and organizations. The Department of Labor saw this skill set and hired me to apply it to their project."

On Campus or Online Global Hybrid

Choose between on campus evening/weekend classes in Kirkland, Washington, or online hybrid classes with two weeks in Oxford, England. Our 20 month International Community Development (ICD) program will transform your passion for serving others into a profession that is focused, skilled, and effective.

Why Choose Our ICD Program?

Highest accreditation possible.

We represent the gold standard in accreditation. You'll strengthen your professional credibility, and graduate knowing that your degree is widely recognized and deeply respected.

Grow your career. Expand your influence.

Many organizations require a master's degree. Our ICD program is designed for those who'd like to move their career to the next level and help others on a larger scale.

Build a stronger spiritual foundation.

ICD professors seek to incorporate components of spiritual growth alongside academic learning. Our premise? All truly effective service flows out of a sense of spiritual purpose and theological grounding.

Maximize your cross-cultural influence.

We equip you to understand the culture of a given service context. Our core belief? You must know a culture deeply—and surrender yourself to the wisdom of those whom you serve—if you want your efforts to have maximum impact.

Learn through hands-on experience.

Through intensive hands-on engagement with real world challenges, you will learn to think critically and integrate the tools of project management, presentation, program evaluation, and qualitative research.

Focus on your passion.

Our program is unique in that it allows you to tailor your fieldwork, coursework, and thesis project to your specific interests. It's an approach that fosters true mastery of a particular area of praxis.

The On Campus and Online Global Hybrid ICD Programs equip people to become:

  • Scholars with sensitivity and expertise at observing and interpreting culture.
  • Innovators for creating culturally responsive strategies to address social issues.
  • Critical thinkers able to evaluate existing approaches to meeting the needs of the marginalized, poor, and oppressed.
  • Skilled professionals with both broad theoretical understanding and hard skills for creating and managing programs and projects.
  • Leaders and managers able to inspire with life-changing compassion and world-changing vision.
  • Collaborative practitioners who build authentic and supportive communities.

Common Career Paths

  • Relief and Development Agencies
    World Vision; World Concern.
  • Local Government
    Health and Human Services; tribal relations consultant.
  • International Government
    World Health Organization; United Nations.
  • Church Ministries
    Missions director; urban outreach coordinator.
  • Corporate Relations/Philanthropy
    Grant coordinator; community impact researcher.
  • Healthcare
    Cultural communications consultant; minority rights advocate.
  • Project Management
    Homeless shelter vocational trainer; orphanage director.
  • Education
    Minority student advisor; literacy advocate; English teacher abroad.
  • Research
    Immunization program design; program impact evaluation.

Course Listings

See the sequence of courses as well as a complete list of course descriptions for the M.A. in International Community Development (ICD). You can also read our Graduate Academic Catalog »

Graduate Academic Catalog

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You can request more information, or speak with our Enrollment team for the M.A. in International Community Development:

On Campus Program:

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Online Global Hybrid Program:

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