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Beth Bruno talks about the
M.A. in International Community Development program:

Why Northwest

I was searching for programs that matched what I wanted and just really happened upon it through an internet search.

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Why the ICD

When I looked at the description of ICD, I felt like this is it. After that it became a matter of what would work with my life.

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Program Structure

It’'s ideal for a mom; it’'s ideal for those who are working. We had one evening a week and one or two weekends a month.

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Experience at Northwest

I really enjoyed the size of the cohort and the idea of the cohort that we were a small group of students, 20 I think at one point was our highest number and we stayed with one another throughout the entirety of the program.

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Another unique thing about this particular program was the practicum element. Essentially the practicum was a development of our personal call throughout.

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Plans after Graduation

I feel equipped to enter into directing a start-up non-profit and that’'s where I'’m at now. I don’t feel like I’'m floundering with where am I going to go with this new degree.

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ICD provides a foundation to enter the global community and enter as a player, as a person who is equipped to converse and to problem solve and to go about change.

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