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Brent Johnsen talks about the
M.A. in Theology & Culture program:

Why Northwest

I came here and did the B.A. in Pastoral Ministries. I loved all the classes, loved the experience, loved the campus location, all of that.

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Why the MATC

One of the major things that appealed to me was the format, which it offers the weekend format.

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Experience at Northwest

One of the things I really like about the format is the working with the people in the class, alongside of me.

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Plans after Graduation

I'’ve reached a personal goal for myself. I feel like I'’m better prepared. Even now and along the way, I feel like I’'m a better pastor right now to my students and some day to my people.

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It solidifies what you believe about the bible and the fact that God is real and He has this book that just speaks so much about Him. It'’s good.

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Final Thoughts

It'’s not enough to just be all about theology, if there’s no culture involved and you’'re not speaking to anyone about it.

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