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Caleb Tindano talks about the
M.A. in International Community Development program:

Why Northwest?

I heard about the ICD Program through a friend of mine who used to study in the Counseling Psychology program. I checked it online and I found it to be great. I liked the idea of pursuing my studies at Northwest.

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Why ICD?

I choose the ICD Program because I wanted to have a Christian perspective of community development and this program was well designed to meet my expectations.

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Experience at Northwest

I did like a lot of diversity in our cohort. People from different backgrounds and rich backgrounds. So I liked this bringing together of different experiences. I also liked the quality of teaching, we had great teachers and I enjoyed that.

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During my practicum I focused on work that would lead towards my thesis. So I had field experience in Seattle, Sammamish, and the Central District. I also worked on research, literature review on things that would lead to my thesis.

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My thesis focused on designing a model for complimentary rural health services. I actually have a background in medicine and I wanted to see how we can use medical services to promote development in rural places. So I focused on designing that model of hospital.

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After Graduation

I am planning to head back to Burkina Faso, my home country, and resume my clinical practice as a physician and use the knowledge that I got from ICD to continue developing the project of the community hospital. And I hope to accomplish that in the years to come.

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I think ICD is a great program and I would recommend anybody who is interested in community development to check out the program. It’'s a well-designed program, the people are great, the teachers are great, and I would really encourage people to check it out. And if they have goals they should make sure that the program offers elements that meet their goals. And then I’'m sure that they will enjoy coming to the ICD Program.

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