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Grant Enloe talks about the
M.A. in International Community Development program:

Why Northwest and the ICD?

I did my undergrad there too. I had an undergrad professor who was influential in my life.

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Experience at Northwest

It surprised me how much I learned not only from the teachers, but from the other people who were in the program.

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Practicum & Thesis

I did a film of course, so what I did was I did all my filming as my practicum and then did some research on the native community, doing a film on the Native church.

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What is the film?

My thesis and my practicum were tied together and they’'re related because filming for my practicum and my thesis, the whole film is about Native church and how people can be fully Native and fully Christian.

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Where did the idea come from?

Originally I had no idea about this issue at all and that’'s kind of where Forrest tied in.

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Plans after Graduation

I think that'’s more of what I did in my thesis project is to the capacity of how art/film has or can have a social impact.

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I would say a positive thing about the ICD program is that you can work and pull this program off at night.

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Final Thoughts

It takes a lot of hard work, but I'’ve learned a lot and I'’m definitely glad I got enrolled in the program.

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