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Hannah Bryant talks about the
M.A. in International Community Development program:

Why Northwest?

I looked it up and I contacted Dr. Inslee about it and he met with me and it did sound like a good fit.

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Why the ICD?

I felt like the ICD program was great for me because it equipped me to be able to make a difference in places where I saw injustice and poverty.

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Experience at Northwest

I felt like throughout each of the classes and each of the different experiences that we had, we really became a team.

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I had already been volunteering with New Horizons for I think a year and a half leading up to my time in the ICD program.

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My thesis was focused on domestic sex trafficking in the Seattle area, among SeattleĀ’s youth.

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Plans after Graduation

I would say that even now, I finished my degree, but my work there definitely is unfinished.

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Final Thoughts

It has opened my eyes even further to various areas of injustice and oppression and poverty

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