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Katie Cvitovich talks about the
M.A. in International Community Development program:

Why Northwest and the ICD

It was really a blending of all of my interests in business, but with a spin on really looking at poverty and injustice issues in our world.

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Situation before School

I had been wanting to go to grad school for years and further my education.

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Experience at Northwest

It is a faith-based university and they really have a heart for Christ.

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Faculty & Students

The students in the ICD program are absolutely priceless. It’'s amazing.

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My practicum was interesting because I started with one idea and ended up changing it.

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Plans after Graduation

I think with this program, I’'m really able to offer a lot more in the work that I’'m currently doing.

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Go to Northwest University. Just go. It’'s a great experience. It’'s life changing.

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The opportunities of this program brings is really limitless and it can be overwhelming at the same time.

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Program Structure

It’'s a lot of work, you have to be dedicated, but it'’s absolutely worth it. Anyone can do this. If I can do this, anyone can do this.

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