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Rod Wishart talks about the
Master in Teaching program:

Why Northwest

I started looking around for what the options were, I looked at City University and SPU, and basically all the schools around who offered a graduate level program that would certify a teacher who had an undergraduate background already. And essentially Northwest met all that criteria.

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I had a couple objectives; I wanted to get done with a graduate program as soon as I could. And so that meant I was shooting for a program that could get me done in a year, really. I was eager to get into the classroom.

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Experience at Northwest

The teaching staff at Northwest was great. I like the fact that they had all worked, they had all done the teaching thing, not just in a collegiate environment, but mostly in secondary or elementary age with elementary aged kids.

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Program Structure

I was interested in doing something during the week only; I didn'’t really want to mess with my weekends. I was interested in an evening structured program. I liked the MIT emphasis on spending as much time as I could in a classroom.

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After Graduation

I'’ve been teaching at Bellevue Christian High School now for a year and a half. I finished MIT and then I had a job essentially that next September at BCS. So I'’m teaching AP Physics and Physics and sophomore level math. And I love it. I’'m having a great time.

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I'’ve actually recommended a couple people to Northwest, and the MIT program especially, people like myself, coming into teaching as a second career, because the MIT program is a quick way to get it done that I also feel prepares you pretty well.

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